Our Services & Projects

Our Services

Meet our most sophisticated services to help you grow

IT Consultant

Provide the Fundamental of correctness, security, and easy-to-use of IT Implementation.

Mobile Application Development

Develop any application for mobile phone in all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian OS).

Web Development

Develop any internet-application web based for various websites. Providing services to create any functionality for middleware.

IT Infrastructure

Provide correct way for the infrastructure of various system.

Digital Agency

Bring your product to meet the craving customers

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Smarter way to evaluate, monitor and decision making process

Big Data Analyst

Help you to analyze your massive data into insights

System Integrator

No need to reinvent the wheel, integrate systems for transparency and integrity data

Usability Insight

Make sure your product is easy to use and consumable by customers

Our Projects

World class products ready to impact your business


  • Cloud based Emoney ecosystem
  • Debtor Rating
  • Loan simulation
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Payment Point Online Bank


  • Email notification & newsletter
  • Customer Service
  • Chatbot (WA & SMS)
  • Ticketing System


  • Penetration test
  • Phishing simulation tools
  • System protection
  • Networking protection
  • Single Sign On


  • Connect WiFi in station
  • Path Finder
  • Vehicle Hauling
  • Point of interests

Management System

  • ERP
  • HRIS
  • Inventory
  • Site Visit
  • Planning & Task Management


  • Broker Insurance
  • Laundry Online
  • Events
  • E-Commerce

Report Handling

  • Public Report
  • Grievance Redress Mechanism


  • Device Integrated – Remote Patient Monitoring


  • Panic Button
  • Residence Management System

Artificial Intelligence

  • Software Integrated CCTV
  • AI Visual Analytics


  • E-School
  • New students enrollment
  • Computer Based Test


  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Form builder
  • Digital Signage

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