We Are Vesperia Global Merdeka!

Our Vision

Empowering Enterprises Through Innovations

Our Mission

Awake. Build. Impact.

  • To awake and enlighten people about the importance of technology
  • To build the best technology based on needs
  • To impact the world through technology innovations

At a Glance

Enterprise Business

Main Customers: Government, BUMN, and Public Companies

Key Initiatives:

  • Core Technology System Creation
  • Expansion of Cyber-Security
  • Government and Telco Partnership


System Platform Business

Main Customers: Distributors, F&B, and Factories

Key Initiatives:

  • Strengthening Key business areas
  • Acceleration of Establishing ERP system

Our Services

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IT Consultant

Provide the Fundamental of correctness, security, and easy-to-use of IT Implementation.

Mobile Application Development

Develop any application for mobile phone in all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian OS).

Web Development

Develop any internet-application web based for various websites. Providing services to create any functionality for middleware.

IT Infrastructure

Provide correct way for the infrastructure of various system.